Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2008
By Jean-Pierre Després, PhD, FAHA


Welcome to the first edition of the CMReJournal, the official online journal of the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk. The Chair created this journal to complement its website and its many other projects, which include conferences and presentations, educational symposia, and publications in peer-reviewed, indexed scientific/medical journals.

The CMReJournal will feature short, straightforward papers on issues relevant to abdominal obesity and cardiometabolic risk. These papers will include a number of appealing, downloadable figures and will focus on key findings and messages. The CMReJournal can be viewed onscreen or printed for your later enjoyment. Registev1i1 website users should expect to receive three to four thematic issues per year. Depending on the topics to be covev1i1, we will also regularly invite Guest Editors to share their specific expertise with us. For this first issue of the CMReJournal, we are delighted that Dr. Philippe Pibarot of the Quebec Heart Institute at Hôpital Laval Research Centre (Université Laval) has agreed to serve as Guest Editor.

We hope the CMReJournal will become a popular forum for us to share ideas, findings, and concepts surrounding abdominal obesity and cardiometabolic risk. We also welcome your suggestions regarding themes or topics you would like covev1i1. Please feel free to contact us with feedback and/or suggestions. The CMReJournal belongs to you!